Tommy Tynjä

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Continuous Delivery and DevOps methodologies

Over six years of experience implementing continuous delivery pipelines, coaching on continuous delivery and DevOps best practices and ways of working.

Leadership and management

Engineering Manager at Spotify since autumn 2019. Been part of the management team at Diabol, a Swedish consultancy focusing on continuous delivery and DevOps, for over five years. Working for 10+ years as a consultant, with extensive experience in coaching and leading organizations through change and improvement processes.

Cloud: Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Several years of hands-on experience developing and setting up systems running on the AWS platform, including automated provisioning and deployment orchestration on AWS using the AWS APIs and CLI tools. AWS certified associate level solutions architect March 2016-2018. Experience with CloudFormation, EC2, ELB, Auto-scaling, DynamoDB, RDS, S3, VPC, IAM, Kinesis, SNS, SQS, Cloudwatch.

Experience developing software running on GCP using Google Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, IAM, GCS.

Distributed systems and microservices

Over five years of experience developing distributed systems in a microservice oriented architecture. This includes designing systems with massive load, taking in to account high availability, fault tolerance, zero downtime deployments, metrics, monitoring, tracing and observability paradigms.


Five years of experience running production workloads using Docker.

Java, Scala, Groovy

Been developing production systems running on the Java platform for over 10 years, using both Java, Scala and Groovy.


* Infrastructure as Code, immutable Infrastructure

* Integration (REST, SOAP, JMS, Apache Camel, MQ and more)

* Frameworks (Java EE, Spring, Dropwizard etc)

* Build tools (Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, SBT etc)

* Version control systems (e.g. Git, Subversion)

* Application servers (e.g. Tomcat, TomEE, JBoss)

* Databases (PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle etc)

* Operating systems (Linux, Windows Server, Mac OS X)

Processes and ways of working

* Continuous Delivery and DevOps

* Lean, Agile

* Kanban, Scrum

* Pair programming

* Mob programming

* Test-driven development

* Clean code