Tommy Tynjä

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Presenting at Devoxx Belgium 2017, source Twitter

I'm a passionate software professional with ~15 years of industry experience. I have extensive experience of software development and streamlining software development processes using lean, agile, continuous delivery and DevOps ways of working. Specialized on developing quality software running on the Java platform. An advocate of open source software, test-driven development, cloud computing, automation and tools that boost developer productivity and get software shipped faster.

I speak regularly on renowned international software conferences. I've spoken at e.g. Devoxx Belgium, JavaOne Latin America and Jfokus. I've also held lectures on test-driven development, continuous delivery and container technology with Docker for software engineering students at the Royal Institute of Technology. Co-founder of the Continuous Delivery Stockholm user group with over 900 members.

Contributed to various open source projects during my spare time, such as Arquillian, ShrinkWrap and Apache TomEE. Committer and maintainer of the Jenkins Delivery Pipeline plugin for 5 years. Also made minor contributions to JBoss Application Server, Apache Cassandra and Apache Commons Beanutils.

Currently working as an Engineering Manager at Spotify.

Tommy Tynjä