Tommy Tynjä

Software engineering and leadership

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I've contributed to open source software since 2011. My contributions goes beyond code changes and includes documentation, community support and presentations on software development conferences.

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Code contributions to open source software

JenkinsJENKINS-54706Drop theme support2019-07-04
JenkinsJENKINS-38062Remove unsafe ParametersAction usage warnings2019-06-12
JenkinsJENKINS-53868Show full date and time in pipeline view2018-12-03
JenkinsJENKINS-54701Support branch indexing and branch event trigger causes2018-11-21
JenkinsJENKINS-28708Allow aborting builds from pipeline views2018-11-20
JenkinsJENKINS-54191Persist task finished time2018-10-31
JenkinsJENKINS-54193Ability to limit number of pipelines shown in Jenkins pipeline based views2018-10-23
JenkinsJENKINS-54192Add missing help description for sorting and number of columns configuration options2018-10-23
JenkinsJENKINS-44628Support input steps for multibranch pipelines2018-10-17
JenkinsJENKINS-53449Pipeline input step not working when component name is not matching job name2018-09-06
JenkinsJENKINS-51514Delivery Pipeline Plugin core upgrade2018-06-02
JenkinsJENKINS-51031Add support for sorting pipelines in Jenkins pipeline based views2018-06-02
JenkinsJENKINS-49019Not executed pipeline stage throws IllegalArgumentException2018-01-19
JenkinsJENKINS-45738Allow task pipeline steps to take closures for improved visualization2017-12-07
JenkinsJENKINS-47529Allow multiple pipelines to be configured for Jenkins pipelines based view2017-11-21
JenkinsSECURITY-640Set fullscreen variable explicitly based on request parameter value2017-11-16
JenkinsJENKINS-47521Add help texts to Delivery Pipeline view configuration for Jenkins pipelines2017-10-24
JenkinsJENKINS-47409Configurable option to link directly to console log for Jenkins pipelines2017-10-18
JenkinsJENKINS-47408Link directly to the corresponding pipeline run for Jenkins pipelines2017-10-18
JenkinsJENKINS-45995Allow Nexus artifact uploader to trim possible whitespace from filename2017-08-04
JenkinsJENKINS-45602Properly resolve name of Multibranch pipelines and pipelines residing in folders2017-07-20
JenkinsJENKINS-44485java.lang.LinkageError when installing - DashboardPortlet not present2017-07-20
JenkinsJENKINS-43797View does not work when Jenkins has authentication enabled2017-07-17
JenkinsJENKINS-45440Sort changes in aggregated view change list2017-07-12
JenkinsJENKINS-44165Missing parent folder when accessing REST api for pipeline job2017-06-01
JenkinsJENKINS-43525Add support for input steps in views using Jenkins pipelines2017-05-30
JenkinsJENKINS-30059Empty RegExp field results filling up jenkins.log with warnings2017-05-10
JenkinsJENKINS-44004Support visualization of input step in Jenkins pipelines2017-05-08
JenkinsJENKINS-43938View should not crash if configured with a non-existing Jenkins pipeline2017-05-02
JenkinsJENKINS-35346Description text is deleted after saving changes in Edit View2017-04-28
JenkinsJENKINS-43735Add support for visual themes in views using Jenkins pipelines2017-04-24
JenkinsJENKINS-34040Basic support for Pipeline/Workflow plugin in Delivery Pipeline plugin2017-04-10
JenkinsJENKINS-22283Ability to configure pipeline views to show implicit upstream jobs2017-04-10
JenkinsJENKINS-43352Upgrade Delivery Pipeline plugin Java and core requirements2017-04-09
JenkinsJENKINS-43354Update Delivery Pipeline plugin style sheets for improved visibility2017-04-04
JenkinsJENKINS-41672Tune log level for macro evaluation exceptions in TokenUtils2017-03-03
JenkinsJENKINS-38489Option to access build log directly from task in delivery pipeline view2017-01-17
JenkinsJENKINS-40763Token expansion fails when workspace is not available2017-01-04
JenkinsJENKINS-39868Failed jobs sort fails when a pipeline has yet to be run2016-11-18
JenkinsJENKINS-39061Update to more descriptive help texts2016-10-19
JenkinsJENKINS-39060Help missing for pipeline view maxNumberOfVisiblePipelines property2016-10-19
JenkinsJENKINS-34805Delivery Pipeline plugin doesn't create the environment variable PIPELINE_VERSION since upgrade2016-06-10
JenkinsJENKINS-35086Icons missing from contrast theme2016-05-24
JenkinsJENKINS-28837After Successful build task stays covered by dark green progress bar color2015-07-11
Apache Commons BeanutilsBEANUTILS-470Precision lost when converting BigDecimal2014-10-02
JenkinsJENKINS-23532Manual trigger execution causes TriggerException2014-06-28
Apache TomEEOPENEJB-1836Validation: @Local on bean with no-interface should use @LocalBean2014-04-19
WildFly 8WFLY-2783EmbeddedContainerConfiguration does not validate correctly2014-04-05
Apache TomEEARQ-1680Tomcat 7 embedded adapter should be built against 7.0.522014-03-07
Apache TomEEOPENEJB-2071Validation: Check for proper @Asynchronous usage2014-02-27
Apache TomEEARQ-1154parameter "servletName" not used2013-05-28
Apache TomEEARQ-863Poor error message when WebArchive deployed with ".jar" name2013-06-03
Apache TomEEARQ-991Misspelled error message in Deploy goal2013-02-02
ShrinkWrapSHRINKWRAP-407Archive.toString might throw java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException2012-05-18
ShrinkWrapSHRINKWRAP-377ZipExporter.exportTo( target) does not fail when target exists.2012-07-30
Apache CassandraCASSANDRA-4398Incorrect english for cassandra-cli help2012-07-27
Apache TomEEARQ-632org.jboss.arquillian.container.spi.client.protocol.metadata.JMXContext should close the JMXConnector when use of MBeanServerConnection is complete2012-04-10
ShrinkWrapSHRINKWRAP-348Deleting a directory specified by a File with a trailing slash does not work2012-03-17
Apache CassandraCASSANDRA-3509cassandra-cli shows org.apache.Cassandra.XXX in example help for replication strategy but it should be cassandra with a lowercase c2012-03-05
Apache CassandraCASSANDRA-3381StorageProxy does not log correctly when schema is not in agreement2011-10-25
JBoss Application Server 7AS7-608BoundedQueueThreadPoolService provides Executor instead of ExecutorService2011-08-26
ShrinkWrap DescriptorsSHRINKDESC-59Get coverage of NodeTestCase to cover all methods in Node2011-07-26
ShrinkWrap DescriptorsSHRINKDESC-18DescriptorImporter.from(InputStream) should close the IS by default, have option to leave open2011-08-02
ShrinkWrapSHRINKWRAP-298Add "addAsLibraries(Archive<?>[]... archives)" to LibraryContainer2011-07-21
ShrinkWrapSHRINKWRAP-282Should be able to 'disable' central in MavenDependenciesResolver2011-06-30
ShrinkWrapSHRINKWRAP-301aether-connector-wagon -> depends on plexus-container-default which has junit:junit in compile scope2011-07-14
ShrinkWrapSHRINKWRAP-300filename with whitespace produce errors on windows2011-07-12
ShrinkWrap DescriptorsSHRINKDESC-48WebAppDescriptor maps securityConstraint(displayName) to element "name", should be display-name2011-07-11
ShrinkWrapSHRINKWRAP-253ClassAsset / ClassLoaderAsset should not use TCCL2011-05-31
ShrinkWrapSHRINKWRAP-191Automatic creation of MANIFEST.MF2011-05-31
ShrinkWrapSHRINKWRAP-266Manifest container for WebArchive should be WEB-INF/classes/META-INF2011-05-31
ShrinkWrapSHRINKWRAP-235Add writeTo methods to Archive2011-04-07
Apache CassandraCASSANDRA-1257Remove @Override annotations when implementing interfaces2011-03-08